Happy 4th of July to the Go-Getters!

Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays – friends come together, people take off work, and firework shows happen across the country as the colors of the day are red, white, and blue. Yes, our country is divided on political views and whatnot, but we live here and at the end of the day are Americans, so we stop, and we are grateful for our freedoms and opportunities that we have living in this country. However, this blog post is for all the Go-Getters, Happy 4th of July to you and your buddies who support you.

This year the holiday is a bit different for me than how I’m used to celebrating and honoring it because I’m in a new city away from familiar faces and am still finding my way with my career – a part of me is bummed out a little, but the other part is glad that I’ve taken the leap of faith to relocate and follow my dreams.

A handful of good friends of mine are going through a similar situation as me this 4th of July – each of us is experiencing change, has a tight budget, and is pretty much living on a prayer to survive and not give up on our dreams. I like to think of these friends as “Go-Getters”, each with a unique story, but alike with taking action to attain the dream. Overcoming some of the toughest days of disappointment with rejection from opportunities and aspirations we wanted are hard, along with having to face one obstacle after the other, it is exhausting. However, when we think of the big picture and remind ourselves that change is not necessarily easy, then of course it makes sense that our lives are bit difficult at the moment.

One of my best friends started her own company, and it’s gotten off the ground, however like all new businesses it takes time to develop and grow. She often says to me, “Good things happen to good people, you have to have faith, and I have faith,” she’s taken action and continues to keep a positive attitude as her dream company molds itself into a success. Not exactly sure how this happen, but I have a handful of entrepreneur buddies all of a sudden at different stages with their startups. Their passion to keep striving to achieve their goals is nothing but admirable. I have another buddy working in Italy right now as a tour guide, her purpose of working (and volunteering) abroad are to help her gain exposure to various cultures to get into grad school programs related to efforts of the United Nations. What am I doing? Well simply put, I wanted a change of environment and to explore what life I could create for myself somewhere new, so I moved and now I’m searching for a team to join where I can continue my marketing communications career.

Peoples’ opinions and criticism vary on logic and responsibility, but nonetheless, I find the Go-Getters or Dream Chasers to be incredibly brave and because of that they are inspiring for generations of today and tomorrow. Sometimes I hear people say, “where did all the role models go?” and they are negative, but if those same critics would just open their eyes and take a look at who in life they admire and believe in, I’m sure they’d find those role models are busy creating something great that in time will soon be revealed. Today we celebrate our country, and with that today we celebrate the Go-Getters from our past who lead us here today and inspired the Go-Getters of today to take action and go for their dreams. Happy 4th of July America, and Happy 4th of July Go-Getters – Keep going 😉

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